A How-To SEO Guide for Gastroenterologists

A How-To SEO Guide for Gastroenterologists

Last updated March. 09, 2022

It is not surprising that doctors are missing out in the digital world and gastroenterologists are one of them.

Their busy and tight schedule makes it impossible for them to spend time learning about things that are not related to their field.

Why would they?

They’re well-established professionals but little did they know the digital world offers more than getting socialized.

These days, people look for specialists or doctors online.

Aside from the convenience of searching, most of the information they need to decide who to get consulted is found online.

From the history of the doctor’s experience, feedback from past patients, location, contact number, and the services they provide, everything is just one click away.

Search engines are the usual go-to of people who do not have referrals when they need a gastroenterologist which is why SEO is very important to get that search result rank everyone has been competing.

It is the most effective way to ramp up your patient list.

Google and Bing are two of the most common search engines people have been searching on.


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

It is one of the many digital strategies you can do to acquire more patients as a gastroenterologist. Your website, if you have one already must be optimized to bring your website to page one of the search results.

Optimizing does not focus only on the website's design but also the functionality, the keywords associated with your content, and backlinking to bring more traffic to your website.

SEO will never be absent when trying to do digital marketing and building an online presence. It is considered the main ingredient to successfully get the results you want out of your marketing plans.

The tricky part is implementing SEO practices into everything you do on your site. You will have to do a series of trials and errors to find the right combination that will work for you.

It takes a lot of research. The main key to achieving a well-optimized website is keywords. If you have fully understood how SEO practices work, you are in for long-term success.

For newbies, here’s a How-To SEO guide for you to get started in bringing your gastroenterology practice to the next level.

Create listings online.

Local listings and other platforms where you can put your business’ information and relevant things such as videos, photos, clinic hours, contact information, and most of all, exact location.

Ensuring that all information on your listings is updated and working to let people find and contact you without hassle.

If you change address, update all listings. So as for number change and other relevant changes. Always keep your listing up to date.

Gather client feedback.

Do not be afraid to request your patients to leave feedback on your listings, website, or social media pages.

These reviews will serve as proof of what kind of gastroenterology practitioner you are.

Keep in mind that responding to feedback will establish a solid connection between you and your past clients.

People frequently base their decision-making on reviews they see online. If they see more positive reviews with your replies as well, that is a big bonus.


Revamp your website.

Get one if you don’t have it yet. You will be needing it. A user-friendly and eye-pleasing website attracts more visitors compared to the others.

Use the right keywords to optimize everything.

Produce well-written content regularly to keep your website updated and make sure all necessary information can be seen and accessed instantly or else you will lose a prospective client once they find it hard to navigate through your website.

Build relationships with other businesses.

Businesses are not always competitors. You can use them to your advantage too.

Sponsors, suppliers, and other industries where your business is involved can give you a boost. They can put your website link to theirs and you can do the same for them.

It’s a win-win strategy. More chances of getting organic traffic when someone clicks the link bringing them to your website.

Keep engaging.

This is a bonus but a very relevant technique to keep people in the loop and spread the word. Create a section on your website where people can interact with you or leave their comments.

Social media platforms will also help build a community with your past clients, recurring and interested people that might be converted as patients.

The shorter the URL, the better.

Choose a website URL that is easy to spell and remember.

A URL that gives identity to your website just like how you make your email.

There are websites out there that might have similarities with yours so it is important to choose a unique but simple one where people will know what content they can expect when they see your website’s URL.


Remember, keywords are the key. Avoid randomly choosing them.

Do your research on how people search for your business, or you can talk directly to your patients about how they found you. Use those to your advantage, it won’t hurt to ask.

It is advisable to use no more than 3 short phrases as a keyword. Let people find you easier.

Avoid jargon and complex words.

The keywords you use to optimize your site and content will not last forever. You need to constantly update, check what keywords are effective and what isn’t.

Getting your website to page one of search engine results does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort and time as well patience.

If you want to implement these SEO practices to boost your online presence, better start early.

There will be plenty of room for mistakes and improvements before reaching your goal.

Reality bites. It will be hard for a gastroenterologist to do this all alone given the nature of work they have; it’s going to be a mess.

Baby steps and letting people take part in doing these strategies can help achieve better results. 

Use the guide above to get started. Grow your gastroenterology practice now.

If your desire is to convert clients and make your practice popular, these tips are some very important ways to market your brand.

Endeavor to put these in practice and see your brand skyrocket to a whole new level with new patients visiting your office online and offline.

Contact us for help with growing your gastroenterology practice.

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