Actionable Ways to Market Your Gastroenterology Practice

Actionable Ways to Market Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated August. 27, 2018

The desire for any gastroenterologist is to grow and build their practice. This desire doesn’t come unhinged because it is associated with unique gastroenterology marketing and advertising hurdles.

The needs and objectives of a gastroenterologists are unique. They desire to compete more effectively with surgeons and other specialists offering similar services. There are different goals that a gastroenterology practice may have including:


  • Developing centers of excellence to attract more better-reimbursing service lines
  • Building patient awareness
  • Building a satisfaction-based care system


The practice has challenges of talent shortage and rising costs necessitating a unique profile for effective online marketing.

Marketing a gastroenterology practice should be approached in a scientific manner in order to develop an experienced-based and highly strategic marketing plan. The steps of the scientific approach are:


  • Begin with a thorough diagnosis of all the factors that affect your gastroenterology practice
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan which involves specific strategies and tactics. These lead generation tips and strategies are designed to help you attract more patients from the internet, referrals from existing relationships whilst increasing your patient loyalty. The right marketing plan must be based on measured results and good ethics.
  • Set a budget for your marketing plan


While traditional marketing methods such as billboards and print ads may have been effective marketing tools in the past, the healthcare market has experienced significant changes.

As a result, the demand for more reliable and efficient gastroenterology practices’ marketing has increased.

Why so? Patients have options from a variety of healthcare facilities. Many more patients are researching their options before they decide on which facility to visit.

In order for your practice to gain a competitive edge, follow these simple yet crucial actionable steps:


1. Define your Desired Position in the Gastroenterology Niche




Every implementation of a specific marketing strategy needs to have an end goal in mind. Are there goals besides getting more patients?

Are there specific procedures you want your practice to be associated with? What type of patient are you trying to attract?

Answering these questions will inform the marketing strategy you choose on. Therefore, any gastroenterology practice marketing strategy must begin here.

Once you know your end goal and the image you would like to construct, it is very vital to work on establishing an online presence that is seen as an authority.

2. Get a Professionally Personalised Website Built




It is extremely important to have a professionally built website for your gastroenterology practice. The advancement in technology has revolutionized the way services are delivered and healthcare has not been left behind.

People who have access to the internet are tripling by the minute. The internet of things has transformed businesses into the online market.

This means that the vast majority of patients are searching for doctors online. Age is not a barrier when it comes to online searches for doctors.

Moreover, searches related to healthcare are not always for an individual but also on behalf of someone else such as a child or grandchild.

However, a website is not a sure guarantee for your practice. Let your website be modern, well-designed and informative rather than oversimplified.

Include important information such as location, working hours, insurances accepted, etc.


3. Leverage Social Media




Social media is one of the very significant tools for effective marketing. It is often overlooked for its simplicity but practices that implement this stand to reap the insurmountable benefits of social media.

We highly recommend leveraging popular social media platforms for your gastroenterology practice to raise awareness and build an online persona.

Social media offers connectivity and an avenue to keep your patients informed. Since it is interactive, you will be able to share your posts and information with others. It is also important to respond to posts.

As a result, you will create a following. There are social media platforms like Facebook which allow you to run ads. Use this to target local patients with ads based on location, age, and demographics.


4. Use Patient Reviews/Testimonials




Online searches are not only about finding doctors but also looking at review sites. Reviews from your previous patients goes a long way to market your business besides having just a website.

Patients who echo your sentiments of your gastroenterology practice being the best build the confidence of other potential patients.

Sometimes, the patient reviews can be a break it or make it for your practice. Simple steps for using patient reviews:

  • Claim your listings on major review sites e.g. Yelp, RateMDs
  • Regularly monitor your reviews
  • Respond to reviews even negative ones


5. Reach Out to the Potential Patients




There is more to be done with digital marketing rather than the use of social media which is easy and cost effective. There are other ways to reach out to potential patients such as:

  • Holding events or seminars to educate people
  • Producing a newsletter through email or direct mail to inform patients of any upcoming events
  • Sharing educational articles
  • Maintaining a blog to share useful insights on ways to stay healthy and setting the record straight concerning myths about procedures like colonoscopies
  • Holding webinars on the social media platforms.

Spread your outreach efforts through various channels. In the end, you will be able to give your patients more opportunities to find out about your practice.

In conclusion, remember the 4 ‘Ps’ for effective gastroenterology marketing:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Positioning
  • Promotion


6. Highlight Your Research and Publications




Information is power and gives people the options of choice. The gastroenterology field has been riddled with myths and misconceptions about certain procedures.

Furthermore, there are new developments in the field time after time. Highlighting your research and publications shows patients that you have a hold on matters that regard gastroenterology.

Chances are that more patients will flock to a practice that has been committed to research into the field. Furthermore, research increases your knowledge as well which places you at a better place to attend to the different needs of your patients.

Highlight your research and publications on your website, blogs or ads. Make it visible and clear that your practice is at the forefront of delivering outstanding gastroenterology services.

As you go about marketing your practice, adjust your strategies to accommodate more potential patients.

Flexibility is important. These tips and actionable plans will help you move your gastroenterology practice to the next level.

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