Why Every Gastroenterologist Should Own Professionally Built Websites

Why Every Gastroenterologist Should Own Professionally Built Websites

Last updated August. 13, 2018

Thanks to digital innovations powered by the internet phenomenon, the world now operates online.

Numerous, if not all, industries on a global scale are being disrupted by digital innovation and technology. With a simple click of a button, we are instantly connected to a wealth of information.

Of course, this has shifted the way people interact and live out their daily lives. If a person wakes up with a sore throat, they simply Google the remedy, instead of booking a doctors appointment.

As a consequence, businesses that refuse to incorporate digital operations may end up losing out on customers; even loyal ones.

Recent research confirms that Medical practitioners have hence adapted to the new ways.

If the statistics are anything to go by, more doctors and medical practitioners now own websites and social media accounts.

By doing this, they are able to maintain an online presence and interact with their customers at the same time.

According to an Interactive Marketing Specialist, Amanda Mauc, social media allows you to relay helpful information to your patients while interacting with them.

Moreover, it allows you to empathize with their health needs and address them in real time.

However, as helpful as an online presence can be, it is essential that you establish your self in a reputable way.

According to an Internal medicine physician, Kevin Pho, M.D., Medical practitioners or practices can establish themselves in a reputable way by providing legitimate information.

Moreover, having a well- built and designed website can help create a positive image for your potential and loyal patients.

That said, should a Gastroenterologist have a professional website as well?

From the above-stated facts, it's safe to conclude that every Gastroenterologist should have one. Below, we take a look at a few reasons why.

However, let us first by defining what a Gastroenterologist is.


What Does A Gastroenterologist Do?

A Gastroenterologist is a well- trained physician that deals with the management and treatment of gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases.

Hence, they are known to treat diseases such as Hepatitis C, colorectal cancer and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The extended time in which Gastroenterologists are trained allows them to provide high –quality services in their area of expertise.

Regardless of how well educated, trained and experienced a Gastroenterologist may be, that doesn't guarantee them success in their practice.

At least in this day and age. Establishing an online presence can, however; let people know about you.

One can do this by building and owning a website, as well as creating social media platforms.

After all, people spend most of their time on social media platforms. Instead of them having to find you, why not find them?

According to Lauren Davidson, Personal Finance Editor at the Telegraph, a typical individual has at least five social media accounts.

She continues to state that such a person is likely to spend a little under two hours on each social media platform, on a daily basis.

Now, let us take a look at some of the reasons why a Gastroenterologist should have a website.


1. Offers an Affordable and Effective Method of Advertising

Nowadays, traditional marketing methods such as television adverts are not as effective. Given the fact that at least 2.46 billion people use social media on a global scale.

According to Statista, the number should increase to over 2.77 social media users by 2019. The way to reach people now is through social media platforms.

Owning is one method that allows you to market your practice as a Gastroenterologist in an affordable way.

You can effectively integrate the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Per Click to optimize your website and increase traffic.


2. Enables People to Find You

Your website, as previously mentioned, is an effective online marketing method for your gastroenterology practice. However, it allows people to know about your practice as a Gastroenterologist.

People can't come to you for help if they do not know about you. Over 61 of Americans, as stated by whitecoatmedicalmarketing.com, turn to Google for medical help and information.

A recent report by CBS News states that the Medical world is facing a shortfall of physicians in various medical fields.

Of course, Gastroenterology is among the fields that are likely to experience a shortfall.

Let people know about your practice effectively through social media and let them know how they can reach you. If a website is then advertised effectively it will help in increasing your traffic and bring more patients to you.


3. Websites Allow Enhanced Patient Experience

Given the above-stated fact on the shortage of medical physicians, you stand a huge chance of drawing in a good number of patients by establishing yourself online.

Once people know about you, they'll turn you for help on digestive or gastrointestinal issues.

Ensure that you take advantage of this an offer the best user experience for your website visitors.

You can do this by creating patient portals providing and downloadable medical forms on your website.

Utilize your website by increasing user- experience. This way, potential patients can convert to loyal ones.


4. Fast and Reliable Information

By posting reliable and useful content, you can keep your patients/ visitors updated on the latest information on gastrointestinal issues.

This can be quite helpful to those that are suffering from such issues or are currently under treatment for it.

Keep your website updated and interactive at all times. Of course, by integrating your social media platforms onto your website, you'll be able to communicate with your patients quickly.

This way, you can let them know about new services and products, or the latest discount deals.


5. A Website Maintains Your Online Reputation

Part of maintaining an online presence is ensuring that your online reputation as a gastroenterologist stays in check.

People are far more likely to believe online reviews about a certain doctor or practice than anything else.

By owning your own website, you can post positive reviews of the patients you've treated recently.

This can help you create and establish a good reputation online as a Gastroenterologist.

Good reviews will help increase your traffic to your website, which will then translate to an increase in patients.

In conclusion, every Gastroenterologist should own a professional website.

If you are a Gastroenterologist and are hoping to build one of your own websites, seek professional help.

Professionally built and designed websites can go a long way in helping you establish a good image for your practice.

People tend to interpret well- built websites as a well- established business.

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