Social Media Channels Every Gastroenterologist Needs To Use

Social Media Channels Every Gastroenterologist Needs To Use

Last updated Apr. 1, 2018

There’s no denying that social media can provide a lot of exposure and an abundance of options for Gastroenterologists.

Why is it necessary to have social media profiles?

  1. It can help drive patients to your practice.
  2. It helps to update existing patients of relevant news.
  3. It gives you more credibility and authority in the industry.

Now that we’ve gone through the importance of having social media profiles, which social channels should you use?

Here are a few important social media channels every Gastroenterologist should consider:



Facebook has close to 2 billion accounts and it’s the largest social media platform in the world.

Almost every legitimate business has a Facebook account as it has many benefits. If your profile has many reviews and good engagement, that helps potential patients trust your practice more.

Facebook provides an easy way of posting, messaging and engaging with followers.

If you make use of Facebook Ads for your practice combined with engaging posts, the results can be excellent.

Not only does a good Facebook page provide the right information to a potential patient, but it also has major SEO benefits for Gastroenterologists as well.

By posting relevant images, articles, resources, guides, specials and more, this will encourage followers to share it with their network and it can result in free advertising.



LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. Every Gastroenterologist should have a profile here. Not only does it show a sign of professionalism, but it also helps you connect with other professionals in your local area.

Also, potential patients see LinkedIn as a great way to identify whether a Gastroenterologist has a powerful brand or not.

The best and simple way to view LinkedIn is almost like a Facebook for professionals.

This can be a great way to define your brand and audience – especially when it comes to advertising on LinkedIn to reach the right potential patient.



Pinterest is a good option for Gastroenterologists as most of the demographics are females (which is the most common gender that requires the help of a Gastroenterologist).

It’s important to share helpful images and links on your Pinterest page and it needs to engage the potential patients.

If your posts are helpful, they can often go viral which will reach a lot of people and can result in more patients.


Notable Mention

Aside from the more popular social media platforms, you should also consider using some of the lesser known platforms available.

Platforms like Quora can be a great way to showcase your expertise in the industry by answering common gastroenterology questions and it will result in highly targeted leads to your practice.

It’s also a great platform to boost your SEO by using relevant and targeted links.


It’s safe to say that each of these social media platforms has its own pros and cons when it comes to exposure, usage, and customization. But in the end, the more exposure you have online, the more leads you will receive and the more patients your practice will have.

Managing your social media profiles effectively and to the maximum potential is extremely important.

Make sure to partner with an online marketing agency that understands your needs and can help improve your practice.

For more information about how we can help you manage your social media, click here.

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