How SEO Can Affect Your Gastroenterology Practice

How SEO Can Affect Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated Mar. 12, 2018

All Gastroenterology practices need to think about getting more patients and establishing a powerful brand online.

Sure, that may not seem very meaningful at first, but the focus has to be on delivering the best value for your money and investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing tool to help your website 'stand out' online which will directly influence the leads you receive which result in more patients for your practice.

With the right approach and strategies, your website can reach the top of the search engine results on Google.

Here are a few tips to improve your overall SEO strategy:

Improving Your Brand

One of the most challenging things for a Gastroenterology practice is to create a brand around its services and treatments.

Most doctors believe that everyone in their local area already knows who they are, what services they offer and what their brand stands for.

If people in your local community want to find a Gastroenterology practice in your area, they would typically search for "Gastroenterologist in [insert your city here]".

This is one vital search term your practice needs to show up for on Google as it will directly result in more patients.

Keyword research and optimization is an important part of Gastroenterology SEO, so you can easily see why optimizing your website is beneficial.

Targeting The Right Potential Patients

One of the main benefits of Gastroenterology SEO is that it focuses on highly targeted search terms that your potential patient will search for.

Someone that is looking for a certain type of service/treatment will be able to find you a lot faster this way.

SEO combined with AdWords can be incredibly effective in growing your practice. Find out more here.

Providing The Right Answers

All website searchers are searching for something specific and they want your website to answer exactly what they are searching for.

By answering the immediate questions your interested prospective patients have at that moment, you instantly become more trustworthy and credible.

Think about how many other Gastroenterologists in your area provide the right answers to your prospective patients and put yourself in their 'shoes'.

Some great solutions to this are:

  • Create detailed FAQ's for each procedure and treatment
  • Write helpful and understandable blog articles
  • Add positive patient reviews
  • Create infographics and informative images for illustration
  • Add relevant videos if necessary
  • Have a downloaded PDF or guide with all the information

These may all seem very simple, but this has a major influence on turning your leads into patients.

Organic Traffic

Most advertising methods are expensive and it's often difficult to measure the results.

One of SEO's main benefits is that once your website is ranking high on Google, you essentially get free patients.

This means that your main costs are generally upfront, and then once you are ranking and generating leads, your priority is just maintaining your rankings.

The lesson here is to get started with SEO as soon as possible.

Make A Statement

SEO allows you to show your competitors that you 'mean business'.

Being the top position in your industry gets you attention. With your competitors, it shows you are serious about your practice and with your prospective patients, it portrays that you must be the best.

Many of your competitors are trying to be the best in your community and it's important not to get left behind.

At the end of the day, a website that ranks high on Google will result in more leads and patients which ultimately affects the growth and profits of your practice.

Fortunately, when it comes to SEO, you don't have to navigate this on your own.

At Gastroenterologist Marketing, we specialize in helping practices like yours optimize their SEO to get consistent leads which result in more patients and business growth.

View our marketing solutions for more information.

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