SEO for Gastroenterologist Practices

SEO for Gastroenterologist Practices

Being in the top 3 positions on Google can often mean the difference between an overbooked Gastroenterologist Practice and one that is struggling to get more patients.

Through long-term SEO strategies and proven results, we help Gastroenterologists rank higher on Google to get more patients.


SEO is not only limited to the common searches like "Gastroenerologist in [your city]".

Overlooked SEO terms to rank for are:

- "colonoscopy procedure"

- "endoscopy procedure"

- "GI doctor"

- "IBS treatment"

and many others

Effective SEO can result in a significant increase in patients which means higher profits for the Gastroenterologist partners.

The Importance of SEO

To understand the potential of SEO, if your Gastroenterology Practice ranks in the top 3 positions for "colonoscopy procedure [your city]" which receives over 200+ searches per month, your practice could easily receive a minimum of 2-3 patients every month.

Even if we work on a small amount of $2,000 for a colonoscopy procedure x 2 patients = $4,000 per month and $48,000 extra per annum.

It's important to note that this is a minor example. Effective SEO bundled with various marketing strategies can yield significantly higher returns.

How We Grow Your Practice With SEO:


Keyword Analysis

Investigating keyword searches that have the highest potential for converting into patients.


Title Optimization

Relevant use of title tags focused on ideal searches.


Keyword-Rich URLs

Optimizing of the URL website structure.


SEO Content Writing

Targeted SEO content creation for Google to understand better.

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