Growth Hacking Strategies to Try Out as a Gastroenterologist

Growth Hacking Strategies to Try Out as a Gastroenterologist

Last updated May. 14, 2021

Every successful gastroenterology understands the need to market properly. In addition to being a lifesaving endeavour, every gastroenterology practice is a business.

As such, it needs to get as many patients as it can cater to. Growth is also essential for any gastroenterology practice to remain relevant.

Marketing is primarily targeted at keeping a business sustainable. Growth is another important objective of marketing.

This makes growth hacking one of the most critical aspects of marketing.

But what exactly is growth hacking?

And what are the best growth hacking strategies gastroenterologists can trust?

What Is Growth Hacking?

To the common man, growth hacking sounds more like something for startups and tech companies.

The reality is that every business can benefit from growth hacking, and you don’t need a fancy degree in any technology discipline to become a growth hacker.

Growth hacking is best defined as marketing practices and tactics that can directly lead to fast, measurable growth.

For a gastroenterologist, growth hacking includes every viable practice and strategy that can bring significant, measurable growth, especially in the form of new patients.


Why You Needs Growth Hacking as a Gastroenterologist?

There is a misconception that growth hacking is exclusively necessary for startups that are just trying to find their place in the marketplace.

This is not the case – every business can benefit from growth hacking unless its sponsors are comfortable with everything about it and are not concerned about competitors.

A business doesn’t have to be in the tech space to make good use of growth hacking. A gastroenterology practice, among other types of businesses, can benefit from growth hacking.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a new practice or an established one.

Growth hacking is regarded by many as an advanced form of marketing that relegates the traditional methods of marketing on all platforms, including Social Media.

When properly executed, growth hacking brings more significant results than regular social media marketing or content marketing.

5 Growth Hacking Strategies for a Gastroenterologist

Growth hacking is a special type of marketing involving strategies that must be unique to any business.

Here, we will discuss five essential growth hacking strategies that a gastroenterologist can try.

These are strategies that are most likely to work for you as a practitioner or a marketer in the medical and healthcare sector.

Get Your Branding Right

Branding is more important than ever. Let’s face it – almost every gastroenterologist has a website.

Your ability to distinguish yourself from others in your market is the first steps towards hacking your growth and influence in the market.

Branding has become a lot more important because of customers exposure to brands on all the fancy social media platforms.

From Instagram to Snapchat, there are so many companies that have got it right with branding, and they have raised the bar for everyone.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that gastroenterologist practices do not need branding. Many of your colleagues are making the mistake.

Realizing now and getting it right with branding will take you some steps ahead of your competitors.

Identify what makes you different from other gastroenterologists and use it to tell your story in a way that will make your practice easier to be identified with.


Make Meaningful Investment In Social Media

Social media has been powerful for so long, and there is no sign that it will slow down anytime soon.

Your ability to use social media to your advantage will give you an advantage over other gastroenterologists who are using the different platforms without clear strategies.

If you want social media to bring significant results for your gastroenterology practice then you have to make reasonable investments in it.

Most doctors don’t think of social media as the right place to make marketing investments.

It is understandable if you think the same way. But if you want to hack your practice’s growth, then you have to set your opinions and biases aside and embrace what really works.

If you already believe that social media has become a marketing staple, then the next important thing is to overcome your fear of making investments in social media marketing.

If you've done that already, then you just need to realize how to accommodate social media marketing in your budget in a manner that will yield significant returns on investment (ROI).


Take SEO Seriously

It is impossible to talk about growth hacking without coming down to search engine optimization.

Most people that will visit your website and become converted to your patients will find you through popular search engines like Google and Binge.

Your ability to position your website and online business profiles in organic searches will determine your success to a large extent.

SEO is really deep. It also takes time to yield meaningful results. But the results of good SEO practices will often lift your business to new heights.

Being able to rank on Google first page, for instance, will boost your website traffic, improve conversion, and bring several other benefits.

SEO requires optimizing your website and all its content. It is always evolving, meaning you will have to update regularly to keep the good results rolling in.

SEO costs time and money, but the ROI always outweigh the investment.

SEO also requires discipline, so you must be will to stay committed to the best practices.

Take Blogging Seriously

Why should you take blogging seriously as a gastroenterologist?

We, most of your patients and potential patients are often searching the web for answers to many questions.

They need to get medically correct answers to these important questions, and you can help to make that happen through blogging.

Many GI patients make important decisions with the information they find online. Some search to know some of the things they need to avoid because of their gastrointestinal issues.

Some also seek advice on what to eat and lifestyle options to quit or embrace.

By starting a blog, you will help to get the right information out there. This way, you will serve your patients and even others who may never come to your clinic. The ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible.

If you are observant, you will notice that almost every business have blogs. This is primarily because they understand the importance of engaging their audiences and know the role blogging plays in achieving that. You may not have the time to write for your blog.

You can hire talented writers and medical editors who will consistently produce quality content for your blog. You can also personally edit every post before publishing.


Work With Expert Marketers

Depending on your knowledge of digital marketing, there is always a limit to what you can achieve. We’ve recommended four major growth hacking strategies that can certainly work for a gastroenterologist, and we must conclude by advising you to hire experts to handle the most important aspects of your digital marketing.

Growth hackers understand marketing more than traditional marketers and regular digital marketers.

They know what will work for each business and can always test strategies and reinvent new approaches that have better chances of getting the right results when a strategy isn’t working as anticipated.


Growth hacking works for all kinds of businesses, including gastroenterology practices. If you want to always stay ahead of the competition, then you will need to embrace growth hacking at some points.

We've discussed some strategies that can work for gastroenterologists and others in the medical field.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that hiring expert growth hackers can give you better chances of becoming an industry leader in the areas you serve.

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