Measure the Online Marketing Success of Your Gastroenterology Practice

Measure the Online Marketing Success of Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated August. 05, 2019

The ultimate aim of digital marketing for a gastroenterologist is to grow your practice.

As a business, you need to pay attention to the investment you are making in the online at the same time you need to be aware of the result it is bringing.

Return on investment (ROI) must be measured and monitored to ensure that the efforts and financial commitments you are making towards promoting your practice digitally are not being wasted.

It also gives you an idea of what is working and what isn't and where you need to invest more to grow your Gastroenterology practice.

A positive return on investment is important in any digital marketing campaign.

While the general idea of digital marketing is to reach more customers and improve the profit in any business, there are different ways to measure success.

As business activities differ from one industry to another, there are different ways to measure success across the different industries.

For your gastroenterology practice, for instance, you won’t use the same criteria used by an e-commerce company to measure digital marketing success.

The long term goal of your digital marketing efforts should be to grow your gastroenterology practice, but you need to measure your short term successes so that you understand if you are heading in the right direction.

It is hard to quantify the short-term successes monetarily, but by paying close attention to website behavior and conversions, you will know if you are recording successes or your efforts and resources are not being put to good use.

We will discuss 9 important ways to measure digital marketing success for your gastroenterology practice based on the two categories: conversion and website behavior.


Website Behavior

You can tell from website behavior if your digital marketing efforts are working out well for your gastroenterology website. The following can indicate success:

1. Website Visits

The number of visits your website is getting can always be a good indication of the success or otherwise of your digital marketing efforts.

It is perfect for checking the effectiveness of marketing channels when you can see significant traffic to your website.

By simply checking which of your digital marketing channels is bringing in more visitors, you will know which one is yielding any form of result and the ones that are not doing so well.

This is considered a shallow metric but it is important, nonetheless. By measuring this often, you will know immediately there is a drop in the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

2. Page Views per Visit

While website visits can tell you how many individuals landed on your website as a result of your digital marketing efforts, it will not show you how engaged these visitors were.

Page view per visit is a better metric to measure this. This will let you know how interesting the visitors found your gastroenterology website.

By paying close attention to the pages of the website that were visited most, you will have an idea of what interests the visitors most.

This will help you to provide more information that your audience needs and promote your practice at the same time.

3. Total Time Spent On the Website

Visitors that spend more time in your gastroenterology website are more likely to pay your practice a visit than those that came and left in a hurry.

You can get an idea of the total time visitors spend on your website and use it to determine the success or otherwise of your campaign.

The time spent is also an indication of the level of engagement your website is getting.

You can also use this to determine which of your marketing campaigns is bringing more engaged visitors and focus more on it.


4. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is bad for any digital marketing campaign and you need to monitor it closely to know the performance of your marketing efforts.

Bounce rates indicate the number of visitors that hit the back button once they land on your website.

Observe the digital campaigns that are leading to an increased bounce rate: there will be some form of disconnect between the campaign and the landing page. Fix it and keep observing the trend.

While bounce rate is an indicator that visitors are not interested in what they are seeing on your landing page, it also has SEO implications that you will like to avoid.

5. Social Media Followers

The number of social media followers you get from your digital marketing effort is also an indication of success most of the time.

Social media for gastroenterologists is an effective place to engage your audience and people following you is an indication that they identify with your practice and will like to hear more from you.


Conversions are the direct results of your digital marketing efforts.

They occur when your website visitors take certain actions as a result of your digital marketing efforts.

Such actions are more reliable indicators of success in digital marketing:


6. Online Booking of Appointment

This is the simplest indication of success when it comes to conversions from your digital marketing efforts.

In your gastroenterology website, it is a good practice to have a form that can be used by the visitors to book an appointment.

The number of appointments scheduled directly from your website as a result of your digital marketing campaigns is a direct indication of success.

It is also possible to know which particular campaign is driving the most online booking of appointments; this will help you to optimize such high-performing campaign.

7. Online-To-Office Visits

Some of your website visitors that did not book appointments online may decide to walk into your office for a consultation or to book appointments.

This is also an indication of success and will help you to measure the performance of your digital campaigns.

Measuring this can be a little difficult but you should try the different ways of doing it. You can offer special codes on your websites which customers can redeem when they visit your practice.

Alternatively, you can simply ask patients directly how they found your practice and record their answers in a spreadsheet.

When you get adequate responses, you should be able to ascertain which campaign yields the best result.

8. Leads from Phone Calls

You can also track leads generated from phone calls to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

This is especially helpful if you schedule appointments through phone calls.

To do this effectively, you can set up dynamic number insertion (DNI) that will show visitors different numbers depending on how they arrived on your website.

Using this, you will be able to track the campaigns that are bringing in more leads by simply viewing your call logs. This is a simple and effective way to measure digital marketing success.


9. Leads from Live Chats

Live chat is another feature you should add to your gastroenterology websites.

It is an excellent feature that can help you to convert and also measure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

With live chat, you will keep track of the number of people you are converting from your website as well as the campaigns that are bringing in the chats and leads.

There are in-built tracking tools in most chat programs and you can also integrate Google analytics to see which digital campaigns are driving more leads to your gastroenterology practice.

It is important to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns at all times.

It is an effective way to find out what works for your practice and invest in it strategically.

In the short run, it will help you to avoid wasting efforts and resources on unproductive campaigns and focus on the ones that will bring in the required results.

It is always helpful to launch each digital marketing campaign with a specific goal. When things are not working out, do not be afraid to make changes and keep at it.

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