How to Get More Patients: 5 Gastroenterology Website Must-Haves

How to Get More Patients: 5 Gastroenterology Website Must-Haves

Last updated April. 08, 2021

As a medical practitioner, your primary purpose is to provide treatment and care to patients. But you also need to attract the patients to administer the treatment and care to.

It is the reason you're in the field in the first place, right? Providing quality medical services while also making a living and growing your practice at the same time.

With the surge in the rise of technology and the need for virtually every business and service to be on the internet if they must make profits, the struggle for winning more patients has also been on the rise.

Gastroenterologists ordinarily have a hard time marketing their services due to the relatively poor awareness of the profession.

What’s more? Other medical practitioners like some surgeons, doctors, and specialists also offer some of the services that GI doctors provide.

This situation puts GI doctors on the verge of losing their jobs due to the low turnout of patients, but also due to the little or no awareness and knowledge of the profession itself.

As a GI doctor and medical practitioner, creating awareness and marketing your services becomes the only true way of effectively competing with other specialists and ensuring more patients patronize your services; and how better to do that than on the internet.

You will need to have a high converting website, coupled with an effective marketing strategy if winning more patients is your aim.

This will help you get a wider reach on the internet space and get referrals from already existing clients while increasing client loyalty. But first, you will need a good website.


Gastroeneterology Website Check List

Your website is your online office and the digital representation of your practice. Hence, it should be very well structured and attractive to potential clients if they must leave your competitors and choose to patronize you.

Making your website stand out will go a long way in selling your practice to a wide audience, boost your reputation, and generate income for you when the clients start trooping in.

In this article, we will look at the five things your medical website must have in order for you to be able to reach your specific target audience and win new clients.

1. Mobile-Responsive Website

Most people who conduct searches online make use of their mobile devices. As a GI doctor who is serious about getting more clients, you have to make sure your website is highly responsive and mobile-friendly

Endeavor that your website can be accessed by different devices perfectly without interruption.

This will go a long way in getting more clients for you because the bulk of internet users surf the internet with their mobile phones.

2. Interactive Design and Content

Getting visitors to your site is one thing. Having them stay there long enough to take necessary actions is another thing.

Making your website interactive and specifically designed for your target audience could be the extra work your website needs in order to have more visitors and clients.

For example, you can have a live chat feature, online forms, or quick access to you or your customer care through which visitors can contact you to know more about your services without having to leave your website.

The content you put up must equally be captivating enough to 'hook' viewers and hold capture their interests. Let the content and design say more about your services than you need to.

As a medical practitioner, your website should be themed and styled in a way that when a visitor goes through it, they will immediately know what services you render.


3. SEO

If you must get more clients, your website must first rank high and appear on the first page of search engines when viewers search. Find out the keywords specific to your niche and creatively infuse them in your web content before posting.

Provide relevant content on your posts that will not just be aimed at winning clients but educating them on health issues relating to your practice.

Provide links to relevant sources to back up your claims and post interactive and engaging content.

These will help boost your rankings and drive traffic to your website because people love information and educational materials, and if you inculcate this and infuse it into your content, you will definitely win more clients.

4. Page Speed

Nobody likes a slow website page. In fact, a 3-second delay will have visitors abandoning your website and looking for other options, and as you know, there are tons of them. Getting users to visit your website is hard enough; keeping them hooked on your page is even harder.

But with a fast-loading page and good content, you have solved most of the problems.

Another reason why it is highly important to optimize your page speed and server response time accordingly is that it also helps boost your rankings and stay time when visitors are navigating through.

Improve your page speed by ensuring that the pictures you post are not larger than the normal format, and also endeavor to check your plugins to see that they are in order.

5. Website Arrangement

Have you ever visited a website and see images, write-ups, gifs, videos, etc., all scattered around with no breathing space for any of the information to be clearly seen? How long did you stay on the website?

That's it. Nobody likes that, and it is a red flag for your website. Make sure that information is arranged properly, and that navigation is easy and understandable even to a child.

As a GI doctor, your services are open to every member of the public, and as such, your website should be properly arranged in segments and very easy to navigate.

You can highlight information that people mostly search for and provide pages for them to find more about it when they click, instead of putting everything on one page.


Final Words

These strategies may not be instant miracles, but when applied, you can be guaranteed that the response rates on your website will massively improve. Most patients and health enthusiasts visit the internet in search of answers and solutions to their issues.

Providing pre-planned answers to these questions on your website and ensuring the ease of visitors while navigating through your page will foster trust and patronage for your services.

Your website is your online office, and as such, it should be as convenient to visit as you'd want your office to be. Provide interactive tools and easy access to you on the website.

Most clients will want to book appointments online without having to make a call; others will like to chat with a consultant online, etc. Make sure these are present on your website if you intend on reaching new clients.

Provide information and health tips on your website for potential clients and random searchers. While some may not patronize your services, they may refer someone to you based on how informative and authoritative the content on your website is.

Put your website on the map today by following these easy measures, and in no time, the traffic will start coming to your website, which translates to more clients and patients in your office.

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