How Geo-Marketing Can Grow Your Gastroenterology Practice

How Geo-Marketing Can Grow Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated Nov. 27, 2019

Geo-marketing is an important concept you must understand if you want to grow your gastroenterology practice.

It is a strategy that works for every business with an online presence.

In this digital age where everyone and all businesses are online, there are so much you can achieve by taking advantage of the different opportunities offered by technology and the internet.

One of the important things the internet makes available for every business person is the chance to optimize digital presence.

Through the internet, it is possible to take your gastroenterology practice to a global audience.

By building and optimizing your website, for instance, you will have the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world.

Once you can get your website to rank well in major search engines, you will get visitors from all over the world. But what do you do with all these visitors?

How do you grow your gastroenterology practice that is licensed to operate in a specific location? This is where you need geo-marketing.

What is Geo-marketing?

Wikipedia defines geo-marketing as a discipline that uses geolocation (geographic information) in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities.

It describes a form of marketing whereby location intelligence or information is incorporated in marketing activities to reach the right audience.

The aim is always to develop an effective marketing strategy and plan that will take the right message to the right people in the right geographic location.

It is all about focusing on the right audience that has the highest chances of becoming customers.

In geo-marketing, it is not just about the location.

The location may be the focal point, but other important factors are considered in the development of the marketing strategy.

Geo-marketing makes use of analysis of customers’ behaviour in a particular area of interest to build the marketing plan.

Marketing planners generally rely on such geographic analysis to develop strategies that are most likely to appeal to the target market.

The geographic intelligence also helps marketers to implement the strategies in the most effective manner.


1. Your Gastroenterology Website in the Digital Space

It is expected that you have a functional website as a gastroenterologist.

No one will take you seriously in this century if you do not have a website – a digital extension of your gastroenterology practice where you will have the opportunity to interact with the world.

Your gastroenterology website is expected to be relevant.

From the aesthetic appeal of the website to navigation, everything needs to be top-notch.

You also need to ensure that your website is highly usable.

Usability has more to do with how helpful the site will be to your visitor than how nice it looks.

Your website visitors should be able to find any relevant information they need and complete whatever action they want to complete in your website.

When your website meets the requirements described above, you need to drive more traffic to it.

There are organic ways to do this, and the best strategies will include providing high-quality and relevant information as well as embracing digital marketing.

When everything is going right, you need to take advantage of the website traffic to grow your practice.

2. Getting Into Digital Marketing

When your gastroenterologist practice starts doing so well in the digital space, there is a need to take advantage of the website to grow your business.

This is where digital marketing comes in.

As a gastroenterologist, you are licensed to practice in a particular area or state.

This means that your practice will be in a particular location where your patients will have to come for consultations and the services you offer.

While your website and other online platforms are important, the primary practice is the physical location.

The volume of activities here will determine the success or otherwise of your gastroenterology practice.

The good news here, however, is that the activities on your website and other digital platforms can influence the level of activity in your clinic.

Through an efficient marketing strategy, you can get a good percentage of those that visit your gastroenterology website to visit your clinic.


3. The Place of Geo-marketing

As you would expect, not everyone that visits your website resides in the place where you are licensed to practice.

Some of them may not even be resident in your country.

The implication of this is that they are less likely to patronize your practice when they have any gastrointestinal issue or need to undergo the procedures you perform.

As much as you have website visitors that do not reside in the state or province, your gastroenterology practice is located, there is a good percentage of your visitors that are residents.

This are the people you need to target in your digital marketing campaign.

Your marketing endeavours need to be focused on those individuals that are more likely to book appointments in your practice.

The people that reside in your state or province are the most important people for your practice, and they are your target market.

To grow your gastroenterology practice, you need to be able to get the right message to these individuals that will make them choose your practice over your competitions.

To create the right message for the right audience for efficient marketing, you need to know more about your target audience and their behaviour.

Geofencing, an example of real-time geo-marketing tactic, is an efficient way to target users within an established geographic area.

Geo-marketing, in a holistic manner, goes beyond this.

You need to understand the target audience and create the right message that can get them to patronize your practice when they have the need.

4. Going About Your Geo-marketing Efforts

We have established that geo-marketing can help to grow your gastroenterology practice.

How then do you go about it? Geofencing (briefly described above) is just an important aspect of the entire thing that can be incredibly helpful.

In addition to targeting people within a specific location, you also need to study the customers and create the right strategy to get most of them to trust your gastroenterology practice.

You also need to have the right package for everyone you need to target.

The geo-marketing concept generally suggests that you develop different marketing strategies for different geographical markets since customers’ behavioural patterns, buying abilities, tastes, interests, needs, and lifestyles differ from location to location.

Knowing the characteristics that define your target market will help develop an efficient marketing strategy.

By dutifully studying your website audience, you can target the right people within your state/province and people outside where your practice is located that can afford to come from wherever they are to use your services.

There are wonderful geo-marketing tools that can help you in your effort to grow your gastroenterology practice.

Some tools can help you in location-based social media marketing while some will show you specific customer trends, demand patterns, marketing insights, industry research results and real customer survey data that will help you to make your marketing strategies more efficient.

Things can be tranquil when you decide to embrace geo-marketing.

Geo-marketing is an important concept that has helped so many businesses to improve sales, marketing efficiency and overall profitability.

It can help you as a gastroenterologist to grow your practice.

There are helpful tools that can make things easier once you decide to give the concept a try.

Learn the much you can about geo-marketing and its application, and you can be sure of taking your gastroenterology practice to the next level.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.

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