Gastroenterologist Marketing Ideas during COVID-19

Gastroenterologist Marketing Ideas during COVID-19

Last updated August. 27, 2019

In a time of medical crisis like what we have now, doctors are expected to maintain high ethical standards.

There is a higher need to approach every aspect of running your gastroenterology practice with your patients as the top priority.

This will show in the way you attend to their needs, respond to their concerns, and deliver helpful instructions. It should also translate into the way you handle your marketing endeavors.

Most smart digital marketers have seen that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an avenue to reach more people.

However, smart marketing ideas are needed to get the right message across in the most ethical manner.

For a gastroenterologist and other medical practitioners, this is also an excellent time to focus on digital marketing. Do you have good ideas on how to approach it the right way?

We have a few marketing ideas we believe will work for most gastroenterologists and will share them right away:

Place a Supportive Message on Your Website Homepage

People are aware of what is happening, but there is a need to keep reminding everyone to stress the importance of taking the condition seriously.

You can achieve this with your gastroenterology marketing endeavors by placing a supportive message on the man banner of your website homepage.

The message should be simple yet eye-catching. It must be noticeable so that everyone visiting your site will see it and remember what the world is dealing with.

The point of having a COVID-19 related message on your homepage is not to appear like an alarmist. This is why the message has to be supportive.

Why you can pick up lines from reliable health authorities, your original message will be appreciated more. Ensure that the message is clear and offer every visitor some hope.


Decide On Campaigns to Be Paused and Others to Be Amplified

In a time of crisis, there are messages that you may not want to pass across to your current and prospective patients.

It is important, therefore, that you take out time to consider campaigns you can pause at the moment until the crisis is over or things improve a little.

In addition to messages that you don’t want your target audience to get, you should also suspend campaigns that will not yield the sort of results you want at the moment.

Since most people are on lockdown, it may be wasteful running campaigns that are targeted to get people to come for certain screening.

You should also know that there are campaigns that will perform better in a time like this.

Online marketing endeavors aimed at improving brand awareness and online image can be amplified at the moment.

Find ways to let prospective patients know that your establishment is one of the best for gastroenterology issues.

Get Serious With Video Marketing

People need their physicians more than ever now. While text can get the message across to some people, others prefer video content.

Focusing only on text in a time like this will strip your campaigns of emotion, which is what many people are looking for at the moment. It is time to get some of those videos that can improve your brand awareness out now.

Video marketing is more effective when the objectives are clear. Work closely with your marketing team to develop the right video content that can attract many of those trying to understand their GI issues and related symptoms.

Remember that certain information are best passed across through well-written articles. Link your videos with articles that will teach your website visitors more.

In all, ensure that your campaigns attract the right audience and engage them appropriately.


Be Positive With Your Messages

With the figures we are getting from different parts of the world, people are terrified, which is understandable.

It will be difficult to convince people not to panic, but that is part of what you have to do as a trusted doctor.

Even in your marketing campaigns, you must sound positive with your messages.

While it seems like things are not getting better the way we all want, there is hope that we will pull through eventually.

Let your audience get some positive messages from you: it can save a life this period.

Your positive messages should be consistent throughout your marketing channels.

From social media posts to your email copies, ensure that your audience gets positive messages on how to live the right way and stand a better chance to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Share Helpful Tips on How People Can Stay Safe

This is a no brainer. You may not be a virologist or an expert in COVID-19, but people trust you as a specialist in your field.

You are also an authority in medicine and can influence people to make the right decisions that will help them survive this crisis.

You can't create relevant content or share content from other sources that will be helpful to your audience.

If you have a blog, this is not the time to slow down at all. Your audience needs more from you now, and content that will help them take the right steps this period should be prioritized.

If you can get other health authorities to make contributions to your blog, this is a good time too.


Use Social Media to Reinforce Your Messages

Social media is more powerful than ever. There are lots of misinformation flying about in some of the social media platforms, and you can keep your current and prospective patients safer by pointing them in the right direction.

If you have a strong social media presence, this is a golden opportunity to grow it even further.

Share most of your posts through your social media handles. You can also make impromptu posts to reinforce your messages sent through other channels.

It will also be beneficial to share relevant posts from health authorities through your pages and handles. Your followers may re-share the messages, improving your brand awareness in the process.

Reach Out To Your Existing Patients during This Critical Time

You must know that your existing patients need you even more in a time like this. The way you treat them during this pandemic will determine whether they will come back to you after the pandemic must have been contained or look for another gastroenterology.

It will also determine whether they will think twice before recommending your services to another person or discouraging others from coming to your office.

Reach out to your existing patients more this season. Enquire about how they are faring and give professional advice on how they can stay safe.


Make Yourself Available To Prospective Patients

As you know already, people are more willing to speak to healthcare providers about their conditions. This is an excellent opportunity to win some prospective patients over.

Make yourself available to talk to as many potential patients as your schedule permits. Even if you can't take calls, find a way to reply most if not all enquiries made through any of your channels.

Knowing that every enquiry you attend to now has the potentials to lead to conversion, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

Find ways to reach more people than you usually do in the past. Create more time to engage prospective patients, and things can become a lot more interesting in your office in the new future.

This is a critical period in modern history. It is not a time to be opportunistic but a time to save lives.

Gastroenterology marketing, at this point, should put human lives first. The few ideas we have shared will help you save more lives and achieve some marketing objectives at the same time.

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