Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Gastroenterology Practice

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated Jan. 20, 2020

Having a gastroenterology website is an indication that you understand the way the world is going and care for your practice a lot.

However disappointing it may sound, this is never enough. There are several other gastroenterologist with websites that are as amazing as yours or even better looking.

You need to do more than this if you want to build a strong digital presence and expand your practice.

With your website, there are lots of opportunities but getting the word out, at the first instance, demands real efforts.

One of the many ways you can make your gastroenterology website more relevant is leveraging social media. This is no longer a secret.

Many businesses have realized the power of social media as a transformational tool in online marketing.

There are several advantages your gastroenterology website can gain from effective use of social media, but how exactly do you leverage the various platforms?

There are many that will promise to teach you the secret of social media for some fees.

But are there really some secrets that are hard to uncover about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the other social platforms?

While there may be some helpful hacks out there, nothing beats putting up decent amount of work to grow your social media presence.

It also pay more when you focus your effort on things that will work for your gastroenterology practice.

In this post, we are going to consider some important tips on how you can leverage social media to promote your gastroenterology website and ultimately grow your gastroenterology practice.


Understand Your Market

Being too generic is a big mistake when you are trying to leverage the power of social media for your businesses.

Your gastroenterology website is for certain people and your social media activities should is also expected to be for the same people.

The first step is to know your market and understand what they need. Your market will ultimately depend on your specialty.

As a gastroenterology, you should be targeting those that are in need of your services or have someone under their care in need of it.

This knowledge will help you take good steps to the advantage of your website.

Have a Viable Strategy

Being on social media without a strategy is a recipe for time wastage. When you understand your market, the next step is to make real plan on how to take advantage of this knowledge and plan how to reach them and get them to your website.

A viable strategy can be as simple as identifying means of getting people to see your gastroenterology website and realize the value it offers. In your plan, indicate if you will use ads, influencers and other such helpful tools of social media marketing.

Pay Attention to Quality over Quantity

It will be helpful when users can see your social media post on a regular basis, but it will be counter-productive when your posts are trashy or have very little value to offer your audience.

You have to focus more on quality over quantity. Let your audience understand that your brand represents value and when they are in need of services you offer, they will come calling.

Having really quality posts will also make users understand that your gastroenterology website is a reliable platform to get relevant information.

They will have more respect for your posts and more inclined to share.


Create Real Value

In the online stage, there are so many things going on. While there are lots of people going after frivolities, those that will be interested in your gastroenterology website will be more serious.

When you understand their concerns and what they are looking for, it is pertinent that you create posts and materials that will be of real value to them.

Share relevant links that will give them reliable information and they will respect your website and social media handles more.

Follow Relevant Accounts

There are so many reasons to follow high profile accounts. The more obvious benefit is that you will have a better understanding of how they do some things and replicate their success in your own story.

You can also share their stories and posts you feel will be helpful for your audience. It is also important that you follow accounts that are relevant.

While trying to promote your gastroenterology website through social media, it wouldn’t be sensible to follow accounts that are more about sports and gambling. Follow other accounts in the health sectors that are doing great.

Make Your Account Very Active

Your activity level in social media will influence the way people respond to your contents. If you post once in a blue moon, chances are high that social media users will not take you seriously.

Getting followers will be so hard: your current followers will not take you seriously. Even when you don’t have some valuable things to post, look around for something that you know will be valuable to your followers and share.

You really need to give before you take in social media. In addition to posting your original content, comment and share.


Leverage the Power of Others

There is something called influencer marketing in social media and it works. They this has been used in such sectors as fashion and entertainment, it can also work in the health sector.

There are bloggers in the health sector that have real social media followership, leveraging their power can be very helpful to your gastroenterology website.

You don’t have to run ads in their site, having them recommend your services or share post from your website on the social media accounts can bring massive result.

Network Intelligently

Networking works for all sorts of business and will definitely be beneficial to your gastroenterology website. The health sector is large enough and there are several other practitioners with websites for their different practices.

Their customers may be in need of your services too and social media can be the place they will locate you.

Follow their social media account and interact when as much as possible. Once in a while, you can share their post and they can share yours; this can deliver real benefits.

It Shouldn’t Be About Promotion Always

Promoting your gastroenterology website and your practice, in extension, is the main goal of embracing social media, but you don’t have to let this detect how you use the different platforms.

When you are only promoting, your users will likely grow weary and stop taking you seriously.  It often follows that when you deliver value, meaningful followers will come naturally.

You should also promote your gastroenterology website from time to time, but don’t make it the norm. Offer more value to your social media followers and promote sparingly.

It will not only draw them to your gastroenterology website but will actually make them develop some level of trust for your person and your practice.

Make It Easier For Your Followers to Make Contact

When you succeed in getting the word out, you also need to make your gastroenterology website friendly to your visitors.

While you are connecting with users through social media, make sure there is a clear and easy path they can take to get to you.

Create a link in your profile to the contact page in your profile. Also add as many helpful buttons in your profile as possible.

The goal is to ensure that your social media followers do not experience any undue difficulties when they are trying to connect to your gastroenterology website or contact your office.

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