Effective Ways to Get New Patients for a Gastroenterologist

Effective Ways to Get New Patients for a Gastroenterologist

Last updated Feb. 24, 2021

Gastroenterologists, like other medical practitioners, need to attract new patients to the practice to stay afloat.

You will need to see a given number of new patients each month in order to stay sustainable and grow your practice. That is basically the essence of gastro marketing.

While healthcare marketing generally involves spending reasonable money to compete, attracting new clients shouldn't be expensive.

You can achieve a lot by taking a few important steps and being consistent with your strategies.

Naturally, offering quality gastroenterology care will attract new clients to your practice. When you want to get new clients fast, you will have to be more proactive than the competition. Here, we will discuss a few ways to attract new patients to your practice fast.

1. Get Social

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels, currently. This is no longer a secret. Most medical practitioners now understand the importance of going social, and it is high time you did the same.

Getting social does not only involve creating social media handles for your gastro practice. You have to be serious with everything you do on different platforms.

Social media can land you new patients really fast. It offers an incredible way to connect with several people. With Facebook, Twitter, and other important platforms, you can connect with current and prospective clients.

You will also be able to build a community that will help to win you more patients in the long run.

2. Try Video Marketing

Video has become the most effective media for marketing. It works for medical practices almost as much as it works for other businesses.

People are generally drawn to videos, meaning more people are likely to notice you and your gastroenterology practice when you take to video marketing.

One of the most incredible things about video marketing is the fact that it gives you different options. Once you have made the right videos, you have various means of using them to reach new potential clients and possibly attract them to your practice.

YouTube is obviously the best platform for your video, but you can also use your website, blog, and social media pages to release your marketing videos.


3. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to show that you truly care, as a gastroenterologist. Blogging will get you new clients fasts, but it will also help to build your reputation and establish you as an authority. You will need to approach it the right way, however.

Blogging shouldn't always be about marketing your practice. In fact, it is best to concentrate on content that serve your audience. Your audience includes current and prospective gastro patients.

In essence, your audience includes everyone who wants to learn about gastrointestinal health, and you must produce content that educates them properly. Even if you don't have the time to create the content, outsource to health writers and edit properly before publishing.

4. Invest in Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most effective strategies when it comes to getting new clients. People who have gastrointestinal issues or mere concerns are actively searching the net for solutions.

Many will not hesitate to book an appointment with a gastroenterologist, even if their primary healthcare provider has not recommended that.

Local SEO will make your website and business visible to anyone searching for your services within your locality. When your website rank high in local searches, you will be seen by most people, who will also believe that you are an authority in your field. In every case, this always leads to getting new customers fast.

5. Take Branding Seriously

Recognizing your gastroenterology as a brand and doing the right thing to promote it that way can also get you new patients fast. When you recognize your practice as a brand, you will promote it as one.

As much as you want to be identified with your gastroenterology practice, try to get it a voice of its own.

Branding demands consistency. To be able to attract new patients on a regular basis, you need to be consistent with your branding efforts.

From your website to your social media handles and even videos, make sure you are consistent with your brand messages. Your tone, colours, and other elements of branding must be unmistakably consistent. This will make your brand recognizable anywhere.


6. Maintain Good Online Reputation

Poor online reputation will hurt your gastroenterology practice so bad. A good online reputation, on the other hand, can be incredibly helpful in getting you new patients fast.

The best way to maintain a good online reputation is to always monitor your online reputation and mentions.

No matter how well you try, there are possibilities that you will receive negative comments and mentions. Monitoring these comments and correcting any wrong impression will help in many ways. When you apologize to an unsatisfied patient and offer a way to fix the problem, you may win your practice a few new fans and potential new patients. A generally positive online reputation makes conversion easier.

7. Be Flexible

You should be ready to try different things when you want to attract new patients to your gastroenterology practice fast. Flexibility means you are able to adapt to your patients' needs. If you can make yourself available to your patients at their convenience, you will attract new ones.

People generally appreciate flexible professionals. You can also be flexible with your approach to service delivery.

Adopting telemedicine, for instance, is a good way to show flexibility and appeal to new patients. Don’t be afraid to try innovative ideas that can win you new patients.

8. Give Out and Give Back

There are ways gastroenterologists can give out and attract new patients to their clinics. This doesn't mean giving out money. There are several things you can offer your patients and spread the word about your practice in the process.

Brochures, pens, and other fringe gifts will be appreciated by most patients. Of course, you should have your office information printed on gifts.

Giving back, on the other hand, is all about your community service.

You are expected to give back to the community, and you can do it in a manner that will make you the darling of potential gastrointestinal patients. Your volunteer efforts can reward you pretty fast if you target the right audience.


9. Ask for Help

Your current patients can also help you to land new patients fast. In many cases, they may refer you to their friends, even when you don't ask. However, you may need to ask if you need to land near patients fast. Ask kindly if they can make referrals to friends and family. You can also ask them to leave positive reviews on relevant websites.

In addition to your current patients, ask collogues for help too. You can get lots of referrals from doctors in your locality.

Of course, other gastroenterologists will be reluctant to refer to direct competition, but how about other doctors. It will be easier if you are a referrer, yourself. Your good relationships and help to those in your network will mostly be reciprocated.

10. Always Deliver Quality Service

In addition to all the factors discussed above, always deliver quality service. That is actually the most important thing to do as a gastroenterologist.

Quality service and good customer support will keep most of your patients happy. They will always return and easily refer friends and family to your practice.

It is possible to get new patients for your gastroenterology practice fast. You just need to up your game in many ways. We have discussed some of the most effective ways to do it right here. You also need to be creative and innovative to get the best results.

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