Top 10 Gastroenterologist Marketing Strategies For 2020

Top 10 Gastroenterologist Marketing Strategies for 2020

Last updated June. 24, 2020

Marketing a medical practice in the digital age demands so much. The internet and several innovations in the technology sector have made it easier for patients to view different healthcare options available to them.

They can easily search for health facilities and doctors near them and find all the available options. Doctors and healthcare institutions, therefore, need to up their digital marketing games to keep their patients, attract new ones, and grow their practice.

This requires that doctors' offices stay in touch with digital marketing trends and adopt relevant strategies that will help keep their practices afloat.

Gastroenterologists are not left out in this. A simple Google search will reveal so many gastroenterologists within a specific area. With so many options to consider, GI patients find it very hard to choose a Doctor or a practice to visit.

To stand a chance in the market, every gastroenterologist must do enough to prove expertise, availability, and regard for current and prospective patients.

Several medical practitioners, including gastroenterologists, stop at creating a website and running a blog. This will not be enough in 2020.

To stay competitive, you have to adapt to the changes in the online marketing space.

The best way to adapt to these changes is to keep up with trends and find strategies that will work for you—wondering what could be the best strategy for 2020?

We will discuss what we feel are the most important ones in this brief post.


Fully Responsive Website Design for the Gastroenterology Practice

Your website is the most important element of your digital marketing endeavors. The quality of the website determines users' experience, and that is an important factor in conversion.

As a gastroenterologist, you need a website that is fully responsive and easy to use. Your website visitors should be able to navigate with ease and find the information they need.

Website speed, quality of graphics, and the relevance of pages matter so much in the scheme of things. Even if you have a fantastic gastroenterology website, it is a good idea to update it for 2020.

Update Your Content to Suit Prospective Patients

It will be easier for you to get new patients when your website reflects that you are a professional who places your patients ahead of business.

Your website pages must make it easier for prospective patients to know more about their condition and how you can help them. Your front pages and landing pages shouldn’t be about you and your achievements.

Make your prospective patients feel welcomed and make them understand they have come to the right website and will have a better experience visiting your office. Now is the right time to revamp your website content to put your patients first.


Have a Solid Social Media Base

Hardly will you see anyone (G.I patients inclusive) who is not on social media. Statistically, more than 2.4 billion people get active on Facebook every month. Leveraging social media to grow your gastroenterology practice can be highly favourable.

This is only Facebook. Can you imagine how many GI patients you can engage if you have a useful Facebook page and a good content creator updating your social media contents every day?

This will also help you create and manage a large community of current and prospective GI Patients, where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed to ask questions and interact with you.

Use Social Media Ads for Your Gastroenterology Practice

Don't stop at just creating social media handles and presence, leverage other opportunities it offers, which includes ads. These social media advertisements get your page to the screen of many users.

This way, you curl people into your community of prospective GI patients and drive more traffic to your website.

It is also crucial that you create ads that abide by the ethics of your profession. Ensure that there is no misleading information in your ads.

Do not restrict social media advertising to one platform. Test different strategies across different platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


Make Explainer Videos and Advert Videos

This is a game-changer. The positive outcome is guaranteed, and it is not too expensive even. Make a short video explaining what you do and how you provide medical services.

This can be used in various ways: it can be used as an introductory video on your website and also for certain promotional content.

Secondly, make animated videos and put them on your sites, YouTube, and social media pages. It is an open secret in the digital marketing space that animation videos are more catchy and compelling.

You can use them to teach current and prospective patients what they need to know about their conditions.

Go Live

Engage your prospective patients in a live chat. Understandably, you can't do this often, but creating time to engage them once in a while can go a long way in showing how much you care. Allow them to ask questions and hear how you respond to them with care and compassion.

Going live will also make your face popular among your prospective patients. They will find it easier to relate with you when they eventually walk into your office.


Take Advantage of SEO

Once you have your website, a blog, and a strong social media presence, the next step is SEO. SEO is highly advantageous for growing a Gastroenterology practice.

Search engine optimization (SEO) gets you to the very top whenever the keyword 'Gastroenterologist' is typed or mentioned on search engines like Google etc.

The video contents you made and uploaded on YouTube will speedily pop up on their screen and start endearing your site to them.

This is a good catch, and your prospective patients will have lesser stress getting to meet you. You stand out easily with a deeper sense of professionalism.

Be Accessible

Make sure the numbers on your website and your social media pages can be used to reach you. Sometimes patients freak out, or they would want some questions answered.

Once they reach and talk to you, it gives them a deeper sense of care than just writing to an email address and waiting several days for replies.

Understandably, you can't always take the calls, but make sure it's a human being from your office who will show compassion and reassure the patient that everything will be fine and that you will get back to them in due time.


Optimize PPC and Display Ads

No matter how wonderful your marketing strategy is, it is impossible to be at the very top of most search results. This is because it is reserved for those using Pay-per-click advertisements for gastroenterology marketing.

There is no reason why you shouldn't embrace this strategy too. The good thing about PPC ads is that it lets you manage your budget and pay as you reach more prospective clients.

You don't have to sweat about this as a good digital marketing agency can help you execute it most efficiently.

Reach Out to Patients After Their Appointments

This may not sound like a real marketing strategy, but it can help a lot. Message or email your immediate patients. Find out how they are doing and ask questions about their health.

When you've warmed up to them through this gesture, remind them that you care for them and their friends who might be having similar health challenges.

This will naturally get them open and inclined to get you referrals.

Gastroenterology marketing is getting more competitive by the day. You need to keep up with changes if you want to remain competitive.

Some of the strategies discussed here appear unconventional, but they can help you achieve so much more and grow your practice with time.

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