Facebook Advertising Tips for Your Gastroenterology Practice

Facebook Advertising Tips for Your Gastroenterology Practice

Last updated Oct. 10, 2018

Over the years, social media has become incredibly useful for businesses.

It is hard to imagine any business in any sector that is currently not taking advantage of social media to grow brand awareness and engage their customer base.

When it comes to social media platforms to grow your gastroenterology practice, Facebook remains the biggest and most popular.

Facebook can help to turn around the fortune of any business when used the right way. It may be the best platform to advertise your gastroenterology practice and get a real result.

All you need to do is to adopt the right strategies. In this post, we will consider various tips that can be very helpful in your Facebook ads campaign.

Facebook Canvas Ads

1. Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook canvas ads encompass videos, still images, text, and CTAs. As you would expect, the ads are often very engaging but may take a great deal of time to create. They are well worth the effort, however, and you need to try them.

They offer the opportunity for unmatched storytelling ability that yields results. The creation process may not be as hectic as you think. This ads format is exclusively on mobile but very effective.

2. Expand Your Reach with Page Post Engagement Ads

It is possible that your practice’s Facebook page already has a meaningful amount of likes but you are struggling to reach your followers.

This problem can be addressed by page post engagement ads. To do this, you simply have to opt for the ‘engagement’ marketing objective.

This ads ensures that your content is shown to an audience that likes, comment, and share your content.

3. Try Facebook Video Ads

Videos are always engaging and you can take advantage of them to promote your gastroenterology practice via Facebook video ads.

It is a fact that more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook and as of June last year, views of branded video content on the platform increased 258%. Facebook video ads are highly effective.

You will have an enormous amount of time to share useful information through Facebook video ads but we advise that you keep it short and sweet.


4. Make Good Use of Your Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics are there for you to improve whatever you are doing in the platform and you need to make good use of it.

There has been some improvement in analytics that can help you review your metrics better and improve your campaigns.

You can also track recurring paths users take within your site or app and improve things. You can also generate custom insights by adding events within Facebook analytics.

5. Grow Leads with Facebook Leads Ads

This is another exclusively mobile ads that can help you grow your leads meaningfully. The aim is to save you the troubles of leading your prospects to ungainly mobile landing.

Leads forms open right within the Facebook app and collect just about any information that can be used to market your services on Facebook. Another great thing about leads ads is that they are cheap.

4. Keep Things Simple with Facebook GIF Ads

Believe it or not, short videos are the bomb. It often follows that the shorter a video, the better the chances of individuals sticking around for the entire thing.

Videos can be very impressive but a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image can do the trick for you. In less than 10 seconds, you can tell a compelling story about your services as a gastroenterologist with effective GIF ads on facebook.


7. Structure Your Accounts the Right Way

Adwords and Facebook account structures have key differences and you need to appreciate that to get the best out of both.

Facebook budget, for instance, is controlled at the ads level and not at the campaign level.

When you are able to successfully integrate your ad account structure with your conversion funnel, things can be a lot easier.

8. Learn To Use Small Budget

While a huge advertising budget can help you make headway easier, there are so much you can do with a small budget.

There are ways you can use your huge budget and it will amount to waste. With a small budget and the right approach, you can get a meaningful result.

Optimization becomes very important at this point. Of course, you should understand that to optimize your campaigns you need you to need to make use of your analytics.

9. Take Advantage of Audience Insights to Create the Right Audience

You need to understand your audience properly if you want your Facebook campaign to be more judicious.

You need to be able to separate average and below average audiences from the main high performing audiences and run your campaign accordingly.

Facebook has the right tool to help with this. Audience insight can be gleaned from everyone on Facebook; people connected to your page, and existing custom audience.


10. Use Manual Targeting In the Best Possible Way

Manual targeting will be helpful if your gastroenterology practice is new to Facebook and digital marketing.

It simply means that you will have to create your audience based on factors like behaviors, interests, and demographics.

The best way to approach this is to start broad and move gradually toward more qualified and refined subsets that will form your core audience.

11. Be Familiar with Ads Specs

Specifications are very important. You don’t want parts of your images to be cut off as a result of poor specs. Image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads need to be the right size.

The character and link specifications also need to be right to make the ads show in the right manner and make the right impression.

If you do not know the recommended specifications, spend some time to research about it and do the right thing for your Facebook campaigns.

12. Create Relevant Facebook Ads

Facebooks have made advertising a little easier with the relevance score. This is a measure of the quality and engagement level of your ads. The score exists on a scale of 1 to 10.

A low relevance score means your ads do not pertain to your audience as much as it should.

It also means you may have to pay more to keep it in circulation. Try to create ads that perform better in Facebook relevance score.


13. Ads Placement Matters a Lot

Automatic ads placement may be easier but can affect the performance of your ads. You need to learn to edit where your ads are placed as that will have a meaningful impact on the success of your campaign.

There are four different places you can run ads on Facebook including Facebook mobile and desktop newsfeed; Instagram; the audience network; and messenger.

You also have placement options in each of the categories including mobile-only, desktop only, and all devices.

14. Match Your Competitors

Though it can be helpful to look for the lowest CPA possible, there are times you may have to brace up to your biggest competitors.

There are Facebook ads benchmarks that are applicable to different industries and sectors.

Knowing the benchmark for the healthcare industry will help you spend just the right amount for your Facebook campaign.

15. Be Ready To Make Changes

When you plan your Facebook ads campaign well, you are likely to get a good result.

There are instances, however, when things may not go too well. Always be ready to change things up when it seems not to be working too well.

Facebook advertising can meaningfully help your gastroenterology practice. If you leverage the Facebook advertising tools effectively you are sure to see significant growth and a massive makeover of the online reputation of your gastroenterology practice.


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