Boosting Conversion Rates through Effective Call-To-Action Buttons

Boosting Conversion Rates through Effective Call-To-Action Buttons

Last updated Feb. 20, 2019

As a gastroenterologist in the 21st century, you understand the importance of a website and what it can do for your practice.

It is not only there to establish your presence in the digital space but also to help you grow your business.

To grow your business, you need more patients. Your website can help you get these patients when it is structured and run the right way.

Firstly, you may want to improve traffic for your gastroenterology website. It often follows that the more people that visit your website the better your chances of receiving more patronage.

But increased website traffic does not always translate to increase patronage unless you know how to convert the traffics.

Conversion is probably the singular most important factor when it comes to making good use of the traffic your website generates.

It is when your visitors click that they can convert. It is also when there is a conversion that you can actually say there is return for the investments you make in your gastroenterologist website.

This is why the Call-To-Action buttons are very essential in your website. They need to be able to serve their purpose and make your website visitors to click.

But how do you get more people to click on your CTA buttons? In order words, how do you boost the conversion rates of your Call-To-Action buttons?

There are certainly different ways to improve these buttons and improve the chances of having those that visit your website to click and sign up or book appointments.

Conversion depends on some of the simple things you ignore in your website.

There are click-boosting techniques that can get you more clicks and conversions if you are willing to make the little changes.

We will discuss some of these simple ways to do just that.




Make Your Call-To-Action Simple


This may sound like a predictable point but it is a really important one. You might have heard it severally too but that doesn’t make it any less effective.

There are individuals that spend so much time trying to make their CTA buttons as attractive as possible that they end up making it complicated in a manner that will scare website visitors away.

Though such elements as color, images, texts, and arrows can distinguish your website’s buttons, they do not, in any way, mean that people will click just because they are attractive.

A simple copy that will make a visitor to click will be more desirable.

Writing the perfect simple copy that is not extravagant in any way but unique enough to grab the attention of your website visitors will yield the best result.

Use as few words as possible and don’t try to be too persuasive with your Call-To-Action buttons.


Use the Right Colors


As humans, we are wired to notice differences in our environment quickly. This is one of the reasons colors are considered very important in determining the clickability of a CTA button.

The goal is to find the color that will grab the attention of website visitors and also echo your brand message in a positive manner.

There is something that is referred to as the psychology of color. It is currently used by many marketers to improve their chances of success at sales and you can take advantage of it to optimize your CTA buttons and get better conversion rates.

While trying colors for your CTA buttons, ensure that the color you choose grabs visitors’ attention but does not in any way conflict with your brand or website background color.

It will be helpful to create numerous CTA buttons at first and test them before settling for the best performing one.




Use a Sense of Urgency to Improve Clicks


There are several instances of successful campaigns involving the use of a sense of urgency.

When people believe that they need something at the moment, they are more likely to click and proceed to book appointments or get the right information they need from your gastroenterologist website.

It is important, however, that you do this the right way without deceiving your visitors.

As has been suggested above, it is important that you remain ethical in your use of a sense of urgency.

It should be about your visitors getting more benefits by clicking at the moment rather than making them feel they are in danger of anything if they do not click.

Some good examples of CTA messages that evoke urgency include:

  • Sign up now to get 50% off today only!
  • Download Now!
  • Get your free copy today!

These messages tell the visitors that they need to click right away and gain some benefits that are not likely to be available forever. They are always very efficient.


Use Action Words Effectively


There are certain words that make Call-To-Action buttons more viable and they are referred to as action words.

Experienced marketers know how to use these words which include verbs and adverbs to optimize CTA buttons and you can learn to do that too.

Digital marketing for gastroenterologists is all about getting visitors to take immediate actions and action words to facilitate that. Such words as:

  • Get
  • Visit
  • Learn
  • Buy
  • Shop
  • Try
  • Now
  • Last
  • Today

The words above are powerful and always effective in getting people to take actions that will lead to conversions.

Knowing how to select and use them is a good way to start. It can have a really meaningful impact on the success or otherwise of the CTA buttons in your gastroenterologist website.

There are certain words that do not perform well such as ‘come’ and ‘submit’. Avoid such words and use the right words the right way for the best results.




Use Click Triggers to Boost Buttons


You might have never heard of click triggers but they are actually real and can boost the conversion rates of your CTA buttons.

Click triggers are simply things that will make your website visitors have good reasons to click or try to access the offers you have for them.

They can include such things as:

  • Datapoint
  • Star ratings
  • Testimonial or impressive review
  • Guarantees
  • Flexible payment-option
  • Risk-minimizing offer
  • And the general value proposition.

Anything that you know can make your website visitors hold you to higher esteem can be very helpful in getting them to click through to your landing page.

While this may appear simple, it can be tricky in many instances. You need to find the right triggers and use them near the right buttons.


Be Specific and Honest with Your Message


As a gastroenterologist, your website visitors already hold you to the high esteem and you don’t want to jeopardize that with CTA buttons that are deceitful in any way.

You need to be specific in the message the little buttons are carrying and make sure it is not different from what they will get when they comply and click the button.

It can be hard to use few words to express what you are offering and have your audience understand the benefits: try the best you can to do this.




Position the Buttons Correctly


The location of your CTA buttons on your gastroenterologist website can make or mar your marketing campaign.

You need to place the buttons in such a manner that they can be seen by your site visitors.

You will get different pieces of advice concerning where to place your buttons but from most studies, it is obvious that buttons that are placed below the bottom fold of websites perform better than those that are placed at the top fold.

Your CTA buttons are critical to the success of your marketing endeavors. When optimized, they can be the real game changers.

We have explained ways you can boost their conversion rates and hope you get the best result in your gastroenterology website.

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