How AdWords Can Help Gastroenterology Practices Get More Patients

How AdWords Can Help Gastroenterology Practices Get More Patients

Last updated August. 3, 2018

The Internet is undoubtedly a powerful medium that has revolutionized the world and how it operates.

Needless to say, the internet has disrupted various facets of our normal society, including businesses.

The progression of the internet coupled with the advancement of technology has enabled people to connect globally.

With easier and faster forms of communication, factors such as location are no longer limitations. In other words, the internet has created a global village.

This factor alone has, fortunately, or unfortunately, disrupted the business sector in terms of marketing.




In an effort to meet customer expectations, businesses had to break away from traditional forms of marketing such as television marketing.

Traditional forms of marketing, according to research, are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Consequently, businesses have been embracing digital forms of advertising in an effort to remain viable and profitable.

Business organizations are now implementing the use of social media platforms, websites and email marketing just to name a few.

However, more recently, businesses, including medical organizations have decided to tap into the power of Google Adwords.

As effective as websites can be, certain aspects can limit its reach. Google Adwords for gastroenterology practices, on the other hand, can help drive and increase traffic to your website and the online platform for your practice.

This, then begs the question, what is Google Adwords? Let us first start by defining it.




Google Adwords Defined

Google Adwords is a digital form of advertising. Adwords is a product of Google that offers paid advertising. These adverts often appear after a google search.

Moreover, they tend to appear on other websites related to them through the Google Adsense Program and The Display Network.

Google Adwords is based on the use of selected keywords, that you as the business owner, choose.

These keywords should be specific and relevant to your target audience. This way, you can establish an online presence. Also, more and more people are likely to notice your business.

Please note, that Google Adwords operate on a cost- per- click basis. This means that the company only pays for the advert if somebody clicks on it.

Now, why is Google Adwords so important? By incorporating the use of Google Adwords, will your medical organization grow and get more patients? More specifically, as a Gastroenterologists, will your practice grow?

Other than the fact that Adwords can help drive and increase revenue for businesses, there's more to Google Adwords.


Below, we take a look at exactly how Google Adwords can help you get more patients for your medical organization.


1. You Can Reach Your Target Audience


With Google Adwords, you will be able to have a target- specific adverts. This will allow you, as a gastroenterology doctor or practitioner, to reach people that are likely to respond.

Your adverts will be visible to those that are in particular need of the type of services your practice offers. In this case, it will reach people in need of treatment related to gastroenterology.

Furthermore, depending on how you set up your ads, they can reach patients of a particular location. This helps narrow down your target audience significantly, increasing its effectiveness.



2. Cost- Effective


As previously mentioned, Google Adwords operate on the basis of pay- per- click. In other words, the company using the Google Adwords only pays for the advert once a person clicks on it.

According to, the average cost that a company is liable to pay for an advert per click is a little under 2 dollars. This way, a company gets to save a significant amount of revenue.

Moreover, it is cost effective due to the target-specific nature of Google Adwords.

Since they only focus on the audience that is likely to respond, a company is less likely to spend money on an unresponsive audience.


3. Adds A Competitive Edge


Google Adwords operates on an auction system where Gastroenterologists, as well as other medical practitioners, have to bid on certain keywords. For a Gastroenterologist to figure out and narrow down on effective keywords, they can use the Adwords' Keyword Planner.

This planner also allows the medical practitioner to figure out which keywords their competitors are using. Other than giving you an advantage of keeping tabs on your competitors, it allows you to create a competitive edge.


4. More Control Over Your Online Reputation


Every medical practitioner, including a Gastroenterologist, is acutely aware of the value of a reputation. A reputation, if not safeguarded, can lead to the ruin of a well- established organization. Hence, many companies employ the skills of a Public Relations Officer.

With Google Adwords, you can establish your own online reputation for your Gastroenterology practice. By implementing and maximizing the power of positive patient reviews, you can increase your reach and growth potential.

Recent research confirms that people are more likely to trust recommendations as compared to advertising. Recommendations and positive reviews have been shown to lead to the conversion of potential customers into loyal ones.



5. An Increase in Revenue

According to, over 3 billion searches are performed on Google per day. Among those searches, a good percentage of the searches are related to health and medical purposes.

In other words, people often turn to the internet for medical assistance and advice.

By implementing the use of Google Adwords, you can leverage this and draw in a good number of patients in need of assistance in Gastroenterology treatment.

By increasing the number of people you reach, you are likely to receive more patients in need of your Gastroenterology services. This, in turn, will help drive revenue significantly.

In conclusion, when a medical organization creates and sets up its very own website, they have made the first step towards progress. However, a website can only do so much.




In an effort to market your practice and website, you may need to spend a significant amount of money.

However, with Google Adwords, you can market your practice effectively and help in massive lead generation for your gastroenterology practice. You'll be able to reach a target- specific audience within the desired geographical location.

This will help cut costs in terms of marketing revenue, as well as reach potential patients. By implementing the use of Google Adwords, you can be assured that your practice as a Gastroenterologist will grow.

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